Specialist Coaching


Life coaching is certainly not limited to any one age group, religion, gender, ethnicity, or other associated beliefs. Life coaching, when undertaken in the correct manner, can assist anyone who wishes to make change in their life and who are seeking direction and achievement. Fear is often cited as the number one obstacle that holds people back from making changes in their lives. It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone but you have already started this process by visiting my website. Congratulations, your journey has now begun and with my specialist support, motivation and inspiration, you will achieve your success. I will empower you and you will succeed, however you will need to give me 100% effort and commitment and acknowledge and accept that change is required. Some of the specialist areas within my Life Coaching practice include:


Health Fitness & Body Image Coaching

Health and fitness life coaching is based on a holistic approach and we will investigate different areas within your life. Often this area of life-coaching will also extend to body image. Health, fitness and well-being is not just about having a gym membership, it's about the total package and making very small changes will make a very big difference. Buzz, vibe, energy, motivation and zest are all words that we want to use to describe ourselves but more often than not, they wouldn't even come close to making the list. I want you to be able to have these adjectives first on your list.


Achievement Coaching

This is very much goal focused coaching extending to personal coaching and the steps involved in setting and achieving goals and related tasks. You learn and understand the structure of short, medium and long term goals. Other connected areas include time management, work/life balance, challenges surrounding having a young family and general well-being.


Adolescent Coaching

This is an area where I provide beneficial coaching for teens who require support, inspiration and guidance and is also based on a holistic approach. Injecting confidence, self-esteem and self-worth is incredibly important as children cross over into adolescence and then into adulthood. Teens work well with an independent, unbiased and trustworthy mentor and I am proud to be able to provide suitable specific individualised life coaching. I also have a passion about providing teens with practical and sensible advice regarding health, fitness and body image. A mentor based system is often implemented.


Relashionship Coaching

Often relationships are formed and carried through using our own belief system and what we have been taught, seen and told during our lifetime. Sometimes negative beliefs are injected into our life, often from a young age. Life coaching will teach you skills and techniques to nurture and enjoy each and every relationship you have and to also show what aspects of certain relationships may have the potential to be harmful to your well-being. Coping mechanisms and mindfulness are often explored during this area of life coaching.


Career Coaching

If you are changing career, unsettled in your current employment, seeking employment or starting out in the work force, my specialised techniques will guide you to your right path. Career coaching often extends to wealth coaching and the art of challenging yourself to achieve your goals so you can live your life with purpose, balance and contentment.


Business Coaching

This is designed firstly to assist clients who are venturing into the business world, often for the first time or launching a new entity and secondly for clients who want to inject direction, success, moral, and motivation within their business whether extending to directors, management and/or support staff. Business coaching can be undertaken as an individual, as a group or by way of a workshop environment.